John Percy Book Collection and Community and Activist Library in Indonesia.

The appeal for donations to fund the shipment to Indonesia of John Percy’s excellent book and journal collection for a community and activist library has achieved an excellent result. More than AUD$9,000 has been raised. This comes from members of John’s Australian political family, as well as a few more distant supporters. Special mention must be made of the donation by Margaret P., from Wollongong, of AUD$5,000

This money will fund the shipment of more than 60 boxes of books and journals to Indonesia, their storage and care in Indonesia until the library building currently being constructed is finished late this year or January-February, 2017. It will also fund final delivery to and unpacking in the Library.

The Library

The Library will be based in the university city of Jogjakarta. John’s extensive collection on politics, sociology, women’s liberation, economics, Australian studie and history – especially the history of revolution – will be the core of the library’s collection. The library will also comprise many of the books from the collection of Max Lane, a close friend of John’s and a writer on Southeast Asian and Australian. Other friends and supporters are also donating books.

Due to the long period of authoritarian rule in Indonesia (1965-1998) libraries do not have any serious collections of books reflecting analysis from a progressive perspective or on controversial topics in politics and history. This Library will provide an opportunity for students and activists to access a serious selection of both theoretical classics and major empirical works.

The Library will have a membership. Initially membership will be by invitation, and then on the recommendation of members. There will be a large reading room and facilities for members to scan book material. Members my borrow books, but only after making a substantial monetary deposit.For members from outside Jogjakarta, there will be simple accommodation facilities available, both short and long-term. While not far from the city’s major universities, the library is a semi-rural, verdant green setting.

The Library will be under the direct management of Dr Max Lane and ms Faiza Mardzoeki. Max is a long-term friend of John, both being active together in the socialist movement in Australia. Max is also a writer on Indonesian history and politics and the translator of Pramoedya Ananta Toer (e.g.This Earth of Mankind) and the poet and dramatist, W.S. Rendra. Faiza is Indonesia’s leading woman playwright and theatre producer and a long-term activist in the Indonesian women’s liberation movement. They will work with a volunteer staff. (see and )


The books are now in or will soon be on their way to Indonesia. The Library is under construction.The next major financial need will be to equip the library with adequate shelving, furniture and copying equipment.

We have set a target of raising AUD$15,000 for this by November, 2016.

If you are interesting in donating, please contact Max Lane at

Progress in fund-raising and in building and opening the Library will be reported on this



Library building under construction

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Library building under construction
Library building under construction

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